Gay beach Tenerife


Naturist beach Tenerife


The local beach is spectacular and very popular with the gay community. During the summer and autumn months it fills with a huge quantity of sand making it on of the largest and least crowded beaches on the island.

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and is dominated by Mount Teide. Teide is the tallest mountain in Spanish territory and its presence in the middle of the island means that the island has very diverse and fascinating areas to visit. There are the beaches, towns, various attractions and the city of Santa Cruz but there are also areas of great natural beauty. The National park of Teide with its moon like landscape, the pine forests, waterfalls and mountain walks.

It is possible to visit something different each day for two weeks and still feel there is so much more to discover.

Villa Maspalmeras local beach and area

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